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How sharing is good for your Vancouver business

11 Apr

Written by Christabel Shaler – Saul Good Gift Co. Community Manager


The sun was setting over the shoreline of Cortes Island as I built sandcastles with children covered in face paint and blackberry stains. It was 2004 and I was working as a nanny to save up for my next semester at the University of British Columbia. During these long summer days, I was invited to participate in conversations with the family I worked for. They were involved in social ventures and taught me about how business is able to address some of the world’s biggest environmental and social issues.


As I approached the completion of my undergraduate degree, I noticed that the pre-existing job market was disintegrating rapidly. I had planned for opportunities that were beginning to wash away in the recession. The competition for opportunities was so fierce that I saw my peers intensely competing for volunteer positions.


Despite all the impossible obstacles, I was never able to shake the idealistic ideas of social ventures. I began writing for the Vancouver Observer and learning how to listen to my city. The wreckage of collapsing systems began to give life to conversations about new economies, local economies and sharing economies. Through the process of capturing these stories, I soon realized that the vitality of our local economy depends on interconnection. 


Although the concept of sharing may summon warm and fuzzy feelings, it is also practical, logical and good for business. A thriving business is like an organism that needs the right environment and resources to make it thrive. It also requires reduced overhead, so that unnecessary expenses will not crush your dreams alongside your profitability.


From my experience working with the Saul Good Gift Co., I have directly experienced the tremendous value of sharing.  


modo car


In addition to using shared vehicles and shared office space, we also share a social enterprise fulfillment company called Starworks and a unique delivery modality called Zipments (it is like booking a carpool for gift basket delivery in Vancouver) 


Sharing improves the quality of our service and connects us with interesting folks in our community. Our work with Zipments has been fun and collaborative. They provide excellent delivery services. We are part of the same local business community and we both care deeply about what we do. It is a refreshingly human experience! 


Our shared office at the HiVE is full of great folks doing fascinating work. We can attend events and workshops that connect us with fresh ideas and valuable knowledge. 

the HiVE

According  to Tom Wynn, the HiVE “provides office space for small business, entrepreneurs and sole proprietors who would otherwise be priced out of the downtown market.”


Another example of shared work space is the Commissary Connect. This shared industrial kitchen is used by many local artisans featured in our Vancouver gift baskets, such as Batch Sweet Kitchen, the Candid Confectioner and Melliferra Bees. The process of sharing professional kitchen equipment and food storage alleviates the burden of unnecessary overhead expenses. By reducing start-up costs, it makes it easier for local artisans to bring unique delectable products to our food adoring city.

Sharing is positive change woven into everyday life

Our everyday actions and purchasing decisions speak louder than anything. If you want your business to thrive, you need to be able to step back and imagine your personal and professional actions contributing to the economic and cultural vitality of our entire city. You need to be willing to get over yourself and share.

The art of corporate group gifts

14 Nov

Office Party Throwdown

Over the years, we have carefully cultivated an assortment of corporate gift baskets that are tried tested and extremely delicious.

The art of group gift experiences

One of the first questions we ask our clients is if their corporate gifts are being given to groups or individuals. Why? Because gifts for groups must be easy to share.


The main reason you want a gift designed for sharing is that you want to avoid the awkward scenario of “Who wants the tapenade? Who wants the little jam?” That kind of conversation is not a team building experience. It can be literally divisive.

 office gifts

The ideal gift experience for a group involves a bunch of people gathered around, enjoying their treats and talking about how great it’s been to work with you over this last year. When you share amazing gourmet gift baskets amongst a team, there is a collective moment of happiness where everyone feels special and appreciated.


Easy to share gifts create the framework for a well planned corporate gift program. It is our pleasure to offer gifts that are thoughtfully designed with handmade, heartfelt delights. We specialize in making your gift recipients feel good and we love to make you look good too.

Our Top 3 Corporate Gifts for Groups

The Fancy-Full


The Department Party


The Office Party Throwdown


Women’s Day: Good Gift Ideas that Create Jobs

06 Mar

Last Women’s Day, we had the privilege of coordinating a corporate gift program that told a great story and created jobs for women in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. We wanted to revisit this story to emphasize how much we love this sort of gift program!


It all began at the end of January 2012, when we received a call from Vichy Laboratoires. They wanted 500 unique corporate gifts for an International Women’s Day gift program.


Like many of our corporate clients, Vichy was seeking a way to increase the meaning in their gifts and find new ways to stand out amongst the standard corporate gift baskets and boxes of chocolates.








We were thrilled to step up to this challenge to create customized pens out of reclaimed wood and employ women from a social enterprise in our neighbourhood. The timeline for production was tight and the workshop filled the order with time to spare.








This project shows how a thoughtful corporate gift program can create value in the community while creating a meaningful experience that tells the story of economic nourishment, sustainability and hard working Canadian women. A perfect gift idea for International Women’s Day.








Local Organic Absinthe: Vintage Recipes & Urban Mythology

24 Jan



Since the early 1900s, Absinthe became a mythological character. It was said to be a hallucinogenic drug that was too dangerous to be legal. This outlawed libation has altered many great minds, including Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde.


The process of making absinthe is similar to gin production. It is traditionally made from flowers and leaves of grand wormwood. These ingredients are soaked in an alcoholic base and then the absinthe is redistilled. The wormwood contains thujone, which is hallucinogenic at extremely high doses. But the thujone level in absinthe is too low to be significant in terms of hallucinogenic properties.




A Recently Liberated Outlaw




The origins of commercial absinthe can be traced back to 1805 in Pontarlier in Eastern France. It was produced here until it was banned in 1915.


Absinthe has only been liberated from an illegal status in France and the US over the past 5 years. Absinthe is now perfectly legal in every country in which alcohol is legal.

Pemberton Distillery’s Unique & Authentic Local Absinthe



Photo by Valerie Stride from The Demystified Vine 

When Absinthe was released from the shadows of criminal exile, it travelled all the way to BC’s very own Pemberton Distillery. These fine folks were up for the challenge of making a local organic absinthe that is both authentic and distinct.


It is distilled from a base of organic potato spirits and a select blend of traditional Absinthe herbs including Grand Wormwood, Green Anise, Sweet Fennel, and special botanicals unique to the Pacific Northwest: wild gathered Devil’s Club Root Bark, Oregon Grape Root, Hops and roasted Hemp Seed.


Recipe #1: Death in the Afternoon


During a recent visit to Dandelion Records & Emporium (at 2442 Main St.), I discovered a book titled “Let’s Bring Back – The Cocktail Edition: A Compendium if Impish, Romantic, Amusing and Occasionally Appalling Potations from Bygone Eras” by Lesley M. Blume.


“Death in the Afternoon” is a recipe from this collection. It is named after Hemingway’s 1932 book about bullfighting.


Death in the Afternoon

In this recipe, brave souls are instructed to:


“Pour one jigger of absinthe into a Champagne glass. Add iced Champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink 3 to 5 of these slowly.” -Hemingway


It seems likely that these instructions will indeed create an experience that resembles death.


Recipe #2 : Absinthe Sazerac


We also found a great recipe for “Absinthe Sazerac” from Epicurious by Camper English. This recipe calls for Peychaud Bitters. However, we highly recommend the locally made organic cocktail bitters from Pemberton Distillery.


These cocktail bitters are brewed with potent local ingredients: Pemberton Potato Spirit, North Arm Farm Certified Organic Lovage, Certified Organic Herbs & Spices, Certified Organic Gentian Root and Lilooet Golden Honey.

Absinthe Sazerac


1 1/2 cups ice cubes


1 cube or 1/2 teaspoon sugar


4 dashes Peychaud Bitters


1/4 cup (2 ounces) rye whiskey


About 1/2 teaspoon absinthe


1 thin strip lemon peel


Chill an old-fashioned glass by placing 1 cup ice inside and set aside. In second old-fashioned glass, stir together the sugar, bitters, and ½ tsp water until sugar is completely dissolved, about 30 seconds. Add rye whiskey and remaining ½ cup ice, and stir well, at least 15 seconds. From first glass, discard ice, then add absinthe. Coat the inside of the glass with the absinthe by rolling the glass horizontally in your hands, discard the excess. Strain rye whiskey mixture into chilled, absinthe-coated glass. Squeeze lemon peel over drink, making sure oils fall into glass, then drop peel into drink, and serve.


3 easy steps to meaningful & stress-free holiday corporate gifts

17 Oct


You have listed “organizing holiday gifts” on your office to do list. That’s a great start! However, it is easy to let it wait until the last minute and end up frantic to find the perfect gift for your top clients, partners and employees.


Your boss and team are relying on you! What are you going to do?


Standing in a line at Costco with a dolly full of gift baskets doesn’t need to be your fate on a Saturday afternoon in mid-December. We know you can do better than that! In fact, it is our job to execute your corporate gift basket program with style and grace, so that you and your business look good. In order to help you prepare for this process, it is our pleasure to equip you with 3 steps towards stress-free corporate holiday gifts (listed below)


Step #1 Start with a list of gift recipients


Who do you want to appreciate? Create a list on our custom designed spreadsheet. Are the gifts going to offices for people to share? Or to individuals? Make that clear to your gift basket company of choice. This information is essential to designing the optimal gift experience.


Step #2 Define the message and meaning of your corporate gifts


Everyone has a budget, we understand that and can relate. We want to help maximize your return on your gift basket program. There’s more to value than price and just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good. The basis behind corporate gifts is to appreciate people and build relationships.

Remember: Thoughtless gifts can sometimes do more harm than good.


Step #3 Download a copy of our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide


This guide is chock full of easy to share gift ideas. (click here to download)  These gift ideas are designed for sending to offices and contain exquisitely curated confections that make the most discerning palettes drool.



We have Gourmet gifts baskets for executives. Craft beer gifts for guys. Awesome holiday gift baskets for sharing in the office.




We wish you the best of luck! If you need any further guidance, please feel welcome to give us a call:









The Business Value of “Thank-you”

09 Sep


At some point in your life, you have likely experienced the nourishing quality of being thanked for a job well-done. It is also likely that at some point, you have experienced the depleting experience of not being appreciated. Did you know that psychological research has verified that saying “thank-you” can help increase the quality and efficiency of employee performance?




This topic of work-place gratitude came to mind when I heard a recent discussion on CBC radio about good bosses versus terrible bosses. One woman called in to say how much she appreciated it when her boss wrote the words “thank-you” on her pay cheque. “Sometimes getting paid isn’t enough.” explained the caller. “It is nice to have a personal acknowledgement of a job well done.” she said.




In our fluctuating economy, it may seem practical to reduce spending on gifts. It may seem as if gifts are a luxury expense. However, it is important to step back and really acknowledge the true value of appreciating workers and clients. It is also important to evaluate the cost of not saying thank-you. When relationships are not nourished and reinforced, they can become brittle and lead to lost clients or a high turn-over of employees.




According to research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology of the American Psychological Association, employees are likely to be more helpful to others and to work harder when they are thanked. There were several experiments conducted that verified this conclusion. In one study, researchers found that a mere expression of appreciation more than doubled the likelihood that the study participants would provide help again.




In another experiment, when a manager took time to say “thanks” to students for their fundraising efforts, the simple expression of gratitude resulted in an increase of more than 50 percent in the number of calls that the average fundraiser made in a single week.




In a recent article, Leveraging the Power of Thank You, Susan R. Meisinger recounts  the story of her husband, who worked for thirty years and only received acknowledgement for his work when he was about to get laid off. Her husband was elated when a senior executive said in passing, “On behalf of the company, I’d really like to thank you for your 30 years of service.” In a matter of seconds, this hard-working man received an overdue feeling of accomplishment.




We hope that these examples will encourage you to feel confidant that your acts of gratitude have excellent, long-lasting business value and ROI. Be sure to check out our “Top 5 Tips for Meaningful Appreciation” in our previous post The Art of Appreciation: how to value people in the workplace. If you have any other ideas or comments in relation to work-place gratitude, please feel welcome to share your thoughts on our Facebook page.






Chocolate Logos: A Unique Corporate Gift Idea

07 Jun


Corporate gifts can create a fun and meaningful touch point for businesses. We love coming up with gift programs to help our clients stay top of mind with their gift recipients. Why not go beyond ordinary formalities and give a memorable experience that creates a conversation?




We were approached to put together a corporate gift program to launch a new brand and website. The company wanted to give a unique gift that displayed the creative pursuit of their new identity. On their behalf, we sent out branded organic chocolates to their top clients and prospects. In addition to being delicious, organic and ethical….These chocolates were a fun and compelling way to create a water cooler conversation about this innovative company.





The gifts were filled with delicious locally made branded organic chocolates, each one hand-made by a local Vancouver artisan and customized with client logos. Using only the finest fair trade organic chocolate, each box is easy to enjoy and share among co-workers.





Customized packaging and greeting cards were used to help tell the story and communicate the new brand identity. Design was done by the Vancouver based agency St Bernadine. We’re really happy with how everything turned about and hope these corporate gifts put smiles on faces throughout Vancouver, Canada and the US.

















Modo Mojo: A Super Awesome Vancouver Gift

05 Apr

We are excited to welcome Modo into the world of gifts with their new program “Modo Mojo”! At the Saul Good Gift Co., we think that Modo Mojo is a great gift, because Modo is part of how we deliver gifts and radiate happiness. When we are making local Vancouver gift deliveries, we are usually driving one of the many fine Modo vehicles. As a small local Vancouver business, we like to reduce excessive expenses and reduce our carbon footprint.


We are proud to promote car sharing as a great way to roll. We are also proud that Saul likes posing as one of the Modo poster children.


Modo is taking over Vancouver…whether you like it or not. This trend is unlike other fleeting Vancouver fads, such as tights for pants, UG boots and moustaches. It is more of a permanent fixture in Vancouver…like yoga, hockey, backyard chickens, and the folk fest.


There are over 300 business members carsharing through Modo. The video above breaks down some of the reasons why it is such a great resource for us. Check out the massive list of local Vancouver businesses and nonprofits using modo.


With over 184 locations, Modo makes it easy to cut down on car usage…so that you only have to use a vehicle when you need one. You can switch up your vehicle selection depending on the occasion. From minivans for soccer games to hybrids to heavy-duty trucks for home renos…A Modo membership has got you covered.


Spread the eco-friendly, reusable love and give the gift of some “Modo Mojo”


We are super happy that Modo has created an easy way to give the gift of Modo Mojo. This is an awesome gift for anyone in Vancouver. Mojo can be purchased in any amount and it can be used towards carsharing payments or sign-up fees. It can be given to members or non-members






1. Mojo for Existing Members


All you have to do is contact Modo (phone number is 604.685.1393 and email is info(at) with the following details:

  • Recipient’s first and last name (or Modo member number, if you know it);


  • Dollar amount you’d like to purchase.



2. Mojo for Non-Modo Peeps


Be sure to give your mojo gift to someone who is eligible to join Modo.(19 years of age and good driving history). If you know for sure that your gift recipient will join Modo, give them a call (phone number is 604.685.1393 and email is info(at) with the following details:

  • Recipient’s first and last name and contact information including phone number and email address;


  • Dollar amount you’d like to purchase.



SOLEfood CSA Shares are a Nourishing and Unique Local Gift

23 Feb


When we find local, organic gifts that are meaningful and unique, it is our duty to report these findings to you. We recently discovered a great local gift that nourishes the gift recipient while healing Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.




Why are CSA shares from SOLEfood an awesome gift?




1) Nourishing your gift recipient with a weekly supply of fresh, local and organic produce:




The fresh delicious food can be picked-up from the farm, from the farmer’s market or it can be delivered by Shift Delivery.











2) Creating jobs and economic health in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side:




SOLEfood employs residents from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. When you purchase a SOLEfood CSA membership, you make a commitment to the farm and the farmers at the beginning of the season by paying in advance for a portion of the farm’s products throughout the season. This guarantees the farm a market for its products, provides members with fresh food at a discount, and fosters responsible relationships between farmer, eater, and the land where the food is grown.







3)  Feeding hungry folks who can’t afford organic produce:




SOLEfood creates high end produce that is purchased by some of Vancouver’s finest restaurants. They also use this produce to nourish non-profits and local families who can’t afford expensive organic food. If folks cannot afford the bountiful goodness of fresh organic SOLEfood, they can become eligible to have food credits. When you sign up to become a member, you can choose to contribute to the low-income share program. This program provides low-income families with a $100 credit to spend on SOLEfood Farm fruits and veggies.




4) Building Community:




When Saul Good visits SOLEfood, the farmers talk about community and being a part of something larger than themselves. We get to see the community surrounding the farm expand into farmer’s markets and connect directly to local families.




5) Greening Vancouver’s inner city.




The SOLEfood Story: It Began with an Empty Lot and an Idea




The SOLEfood Inner City Farm began with an idea and an empty asphalt lot beside the Astoria Hotel in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. The only signs of greenery were tenacious tufts of grass pushing through cracks in the concrete. Alongside the emptiness, there was a Cold Beer & Wine Store, a bar, and a hotel. There was prostitution and drug abuse that generated steadily from the emptiness.











It was hard to imagine that this space would one day become a source of healing for our city. The SOLEfood inner city farm is more than a green initiative, It is healing our city through job creation, economic stimulation, nourishing food, and community building.








In the beginning it was all about creating opportunities for people to gain skills, nourishment and employment, turning an empty lot into a productive positive space. As the conversations unfolded throughout our community and the Strathcona Business Improvement Association, Seann Dory picked up these ideas and ran with them. He worked relentlessly to translate these ideas into tangible reality.




On Saturday, October 31st, 2009, a group of fifty volunteers woke up bright and early, in order to build raised garden beds and green houses for the SOLEfood inner city farm. The sun generated warmth that day. Sean Dorrey rolled up his sleeves alongside the swarm of inspired volunteers. He grinned from ear to ear as he dug his hands into soil that was merely a possibility.







City Councilors, such as Andrea Reimer understand the multifaceted benefits of inner-city farms, “The movement is all about finding ways to provide people with the framework they need to feed themselves, rather than simply giving them food. And that’s very cool.” -Councilor Reimer






2012 Top 5 Local Gift Ideas for Guys

09 Feb


1. Local Artisan BEER






Locally made BC artisan beer is a classy way to say that you care. We are proud to feature Phillips in our beer gift basket “Hard Days Night”. These delicious hand-crafted creations carry a story of hard work and Canadian entrepreneurship. Instead of a standard gift basket, this gift is presented in a solid reusable box made from beautiful BC pine beetle wood by a Vancouver social enterprise.




Phillips beer was created from the vision of Matt Phillips. He began in a small dark warehouse above a metal shop where he built his own bottler and put labels on by hand. Matt eventually crafted his way to award winning mastery.



At the Saul Good Gift Co., we respect the history of Phillips beer and we appreciate the fresh crisp taste of locally made artisan goodness!



2. Herb Grower Made from an Up-Cycled Whiskey Bottle






This is Jack. Once upon a time, he was a regular old whiskey bottle…and then he became an awesome up-cycled, self watering vessel for growing herbs. All that you have to do is put water in the bottom…and then it waters itself!




In addition to reducing waste, these up-cycled bottles create job opportunities for Vancouver residents. It is awesomeness with meaning. You can find Jack hanging out in Gastown at the Old Faithful Shop (320 W Cordova St. Vancouver, BC)



3. Local Organic Chocolate (100% curly bow free!)






Giving chocolates to a guy requires thought: You don’t want it to be ordinary and you don’t want it to be an over-packaged curly bow disaster.



Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Over the years, we’ve tasted our way through countless bars and truffles to find the very best organic fair trade chocolate B.C. has to offer. Reap the fruits of our “labour” with this delicious gift basket.



Add a meaningful story to the chocolates you give by ensuring that they’re organic, fair-trade, locally produced and packaged in forest friendly classiness. With our chocolate gift baskets, deliciousness meets responsibility in a gift that’s Saul Good.



4. Terrariums from the Olla Urban Flower Project





Terrariums are such a cool way to show your love. These glass creations are enclosed replicas of natural environments (deserts, rainforests etc.)



As you may know, Olla is a phenomenal social enterprise in Vancouver’s Downtwon East Side. Each arrangement is local, organic, environmentally responsible and socially responsible. Read more about Olla in our post, “Local Vancouver gifts as organic living art: Why we love The Olla Urban Flower Project”.



5. Tour of the Pemberton Distillery







Try giving the gift of a day trip to BC’s best artisan distillery. It is a beautiful, fun and educational experience. Call the Pemberton Distillery in advance to book a guided tour. You get to learn about the magic of making handcrafted organic gin, vodka and whiskey. You might even get to meet the Willy Wonka’s of BC spirits (Tyler Schramm).



Read more about Tyler and the Pemberton Distillery in our post, “Local and Organic Alcohol Gift Ideas: The Pemberton Distillery Masters Handcrafted Spirits.”