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3 Brilliant BC Artisan Mompreneurs

05 May

Mothers Day Gifts BC


The delicious life of being an artisan entrepreneur is a reality that often mirrors parenthood. There are constant challenges, an intermittent loss of sleep and a rewarding heart swelling pride.


As we approach Mother’s Day, we want to acknowledge the unique brilliance of BC artisan mompreneurs. The awesome women we are featuring here are just three examples of many fantastic artisan momprenuers in BC.

1) Sara of Batch Sweet Kitchen: Carving her own path



Sara’s Salted Caramel Pecan Popcorn is an indulgent snack with a solid fan base of customers who are hooked on the stuff (including the Saul Good team).





As a kid, Sara always imagined that she would work for herself and have a livelihood that she loved. Undoubtedly, she romanticized what that would mean. In reality, she experiences her role as multi-faceted. 

“It seemed crazy to me to spend so much of your life doing something if you don’t love it. Being an artisan allows me to do what I love, to be creative, to carve my own path and to be able to share it with others. A big part of being an artisan is connecting with people – sharing your story and hearing theirs. This relationship is critical to an artisan’s success. I love giving people something to look forward to in their day, a slice of indulgence, a moment of pure joy.” explained Sara

For Sara, being available for her kids, picking them up from school, being present for them while also pursuing her own ambitions and dreams makes entrepreneurship an easy choice. She feels that it is great for her kids to see two different paths to work, success and fulfillment.

mothers day gifts - batch
As Sara’s kids grow and get older, she looks forward to them gaining an understanding of what she does and hopes they’ll be proud of what she has built and be left with the belief that they can achieve whatever they want.


You can find Sara’s Salted Caramel Pecan Popcorn in many of our Gourmet Gift Baskets.

2) Catherine of Trugs & Hidden Garden: Kids as co-creators



Catherine adopted Trugs Gourmet and gave life to Hidden Garden Cookies. Her children (below) have been a big inspiration behind her innovative line of yummy veggie cookies.




When Catherine discovered that her children were not avid fans of vegetables, she decided to get creative and hide vegetables in foods that her kids couldn’t resist. This solution became a big success. Kids and adults love these moist morsels.


You can find Hidden Garden Cookies in our Gluten Free Gift Basket. You can also find her delicious fresh and chunky Trugs Salsa in our Corporate Gift Baskets 

mothers day gifts - hidden day garden

Catherine loves being in charge of her life and spending her days making food she knows people will enjoy! Parenthood has increased her appreciation of flexibility.

3) Carly of Kitchening & Co. : The importance of hitting pause



When we first met Carly, she had recently begun integrating her French cuisine and patisserie training. From kitchens in europe to markets in BC, she is authentically passionate about innovative recipes that feature unique natural ingredients.

mothers day gifts - carly



“Being a baker seems to be a perfect fit for my personality. I’m an introvert but I value relationship above all else. Birthing the creative ideas and initiating the process in my own quiet space then evolves into creating together with my kitchen team and finally bringing the finished work to others, sharing in the experience and gathering over the creation. It is extremely satisfying.” explained Carly

mothers day - carly


Motherhood has undoubtedly influenced Carly’s work and perspective of entrepreneurship. It has made the finiteness of time more apparent. Parenthood has also added structure and boundaries to her business more than anything ever has.

The consequences of not putting attention and care into parenting are too high of a cost to pay in order to grow our business. With our business we can and do hit the pause button, because time needs to be put into the growth and development of our family and relationships.” said Carly

Carly’s Macarons can be found at many gourmet shops around town. You can find her legendary Ginger Chocolate Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies in our Chocolate Gift Baskets and Luxury Gift Baskets.


We hope that all the moms out there have a wonderful and meaningful Mother’s Day! 

Vancouver chef discovers local artisan talent

29 Sep
artisan caramel

Julie-Anne Cassidy Photography


While visiting friends one evening, a bag of candid confectioner caramels emerged. They had been newly discovered during our friend’s visit to Vancouver’s world famous Vij’s Restaurant. Since Saul Good is continually on a mission to curate the most delectable delights in BC, we were thrilled to experience these lovingly handmade, melt-in-your-mouth confections. 


24spice tray 9 in wide LOW

Julie-Anne Cassidy Photography


Like all of our favourite artisan products, it was love at first bite. The unique soft gooey goodness had a compelling story to share and we became determined to include these treats in our Vancouver gift baskets. As we pursued this new artisan, we discovered a delightful story.


The Story of the candid confectioner


One day, Stephanie Chan (image below) decided that she wanted to make something special to appreciate the boisterous women that worked in the Rangoli restaurant with her. They didn’t seem too impressed with ordinary candy…so Stephanie challenged herself to get creative and come up with something both surprising and delightful. This challenge gave birth to her signature chai caramels.


Stephanie Chan

Julie-Anne Cassidy Photography


When the women received these unique confections, they were pleasantly surprised and created quite a fuss. This sparked the curiosity of Vikram Vij, who is the owner of Rangoli and the world famous Vij’s Restaurant. When he tried the caramels, he was completely blown away. Since this discovery, Vikram and his wife Meeru have been encouraging Stephanie with insightful guidance gained from their experience as entrepreneurs. They have also been a source of inspiration, because they do a lot of good through business.


25-caramels in bowl 9 in wide LOW

Julie-Anne Cassidy Photography



“One of my goals is to be successful enough that I can be actively involved in the local community and use business as a platform for pursuing political and social/economic issues that I am passionate about”. explained Stephanie. “I love how Vikram and Meeru demonstrate their passion for sustainability. One of many examples is when Meeru hosted a delicious honey tasting at Shanik, (her restaurant in Seattle). She used this event as an instrument to create awareness about colony collapse.” said Stephanie



21-chopping board, orchid, red spice 9 in wide LOW

Julie-Anne Cassidy Photography


Since launching the candid confectioner, there has been tremendous momentum. This has led to long hours perfecting and wrapping each lovingly handmade caramel. Her success is most certainly well earned.


chocolate gifts

Martin Knowles Photography


In the kitchen, Stephanie uses whole ingredients that are seasonal, local and organic when possible. The types of caramels include Old-Fashioned: Bourbon & Orange, Bailey’s with Espresso-Infused Sea Salt and Meyer Lemon – Lavender. In our Christmas gift baskets, we are excited to be featuring Stephanie’s Chai caramels that are infused with excellent chai tea. We are also delighted to be featuring her raspberry caramels in our chocolate gift baskets. Stephanie goes the extra mile and actually juices local BC raspberries when they are in season. 



7-book, spice, yellow flower 9 in wide LOW

Julie-Anne Cassidy Photography


In order for Vancouver’s local artisans to thrive, we need to be collaborative and supportive. Vikram Vij offered his shop as way to incubate Stephanie’s creations. Saul Good Gifts are also a great way of supporting local artisans like Stephanie. We are proud to function as an incubator for local artisanal talent. Our support is provided with a steady flow of orders and constructive feedback. It is exciting watching our local BC artisans expand their capacity each year. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the candid confectioner.  


23-wrap unwrap + spices 9 in wide LOW

Julie-Anne Cassidy Photography






Capturing BC summer in jars & bottles

19 Aug

Vista D'oro Farms


When we arrived at Vista D’oro Farms, the midday sun was in full affect. The vineyard and fruit trees were warmly illuminated and one of the farm dogs had taken refuge in the shade.


We strolled over to the Farmgate Shop and Tasting Room to meet with Lee and Patrick for a tour and tasting. These fine folks have been crafting preserves for our gift baskets in Vancouver over the past eight years. It has been exciting to see their business grow.


Local BC artisan, gift baskets vancouver

Lee (above) explained how their business evolved from produce to wine and preserves.

According to Lee, they produce everything on the farm and about 80% of what is grown on the farm ends up in a jar or bottle. For Vista D’oro Farms, preserving fruit has been proven to be a more sustainable business model than trying to sell fresh fruit at market value.


Lee and Patrick are self-described as ‘value added polyculturists’. This is a fancy way for saying that they take ingredients which they grow and turn them into artisan products. They have a vineyard, crops of heirloom tomatoes and over 400 fruit trees (including cherries, pears, plums, apples, asian apples, sour cherries, crab apples).

Local BC preserves, gift baskets vancouver

Vista D'oro Hand-cut heirloom tomato, gift baskets


The hand-cut heirloom tomato salsa is one of our favourites. This salsa is made from Vista D’oro Farms’s heirloom tomato plants are grown in pots in their horse riding ring.


More heat is generated when the sun bounces off the hard ground of the ring. This type of intensified heat enhances the taste of the tomatoes compared to those grown in a greenhouse. (You can find this salsa in our corporate gift baskets.)

Local BC farm, gift baskets vancouver


The original barn at Vista D’oro Farms was built over a century ago. They occasionally use this space for a local piano player and opera singer. Lee and Patrick are committed to caring for the heritage buildings and heritage trees that pre-exist their ownership of the land.

Local BC, gift baskets vancouver

In this family business, Lee makes the food products and Patrick takes care of the wine. They make many varietals using grapes that they grow. They also purchase local grapes from Cowichan Valley on Vancouver island and Keremeos in the BC interior.


Local BC, gift baskets vancouver 

We went ‘bin diving’ with Patrick (above) and tasted a variety of wines including: Petit Milot, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, Foche, Ortega.


“Every vintage speaks for itself.” explained Patrick.

Local BC, gift baskets vancouver

The wine component of the Vista D’oro business began as Patrick’s hobby. It became a professional pursuit when he began to solidify his technical knowledge through academic study. Vista D’oro received their winery license in 2008. According to Lee and Patrick, the winery’s flagship is D’oro (below). It is  a fortified walnut wine made from a recipe that was brought to them by a good friend Jerome. It was the recipe of his great-grandfather and dates back to 1893. The D’oro is also an ingredient in their best selling preserves made with Green Walnuts grown on their farm.

Local BC wine, gift baskets vancouver

If you are looking for a fantastic day trip near Vancouver BC, be sure to check out Vista D’oro Farms. Spend some time in the Farm Shop and Tasting Room. Soak in the heritage surroundings as you sip D’oro in the shade. Foodies and wine lovers travel great distances for this experience. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful place less than an hour from downtown Vancouver.


Vista D’oro Farms & Winery

Farmgate Shop & Tasting Room is located at


346 – 208th Street

Langley, BC, Canada


tel: 604-514-3539


Regular Hours – Wednesday thru Sunday 11am until 5pm



Artisanal entrepreneurship – a delicious plot twist

08 Jul

Trugs bc artisan

It was an unexpected plot twist when Catherine Anderson became an artisanal entrepreneur. It came about during motherhood, when she decided to shift gears. As a hard working lawyer and mother, the fast paced rhythm of entrepreneurship was something that she was ready for. The decision to transition into her new role was partially motivated by a desire to build something. She loves how every task she completes in her work day helps build the future of her business.


Catherine’s exciting new professional chapter began when she discovered that her children were not avid fans of vegetables. She decided to get creative and hide vegetables in foods that her kids couldn’t resist. This solution became a big success and Catherine gave life to Hidden Garden. These moist and delicious gluten free cookies contain servings of veggies. Kids and adults far and wide have become die hard fans of these innovative morsels.




Shifting from law to entrepreneurship requires a high tolerance for risk and uncertainty. It was a brave leap and Catherine has embraced this new chapter with focus and dedication. In addition to Hidden Garden, Catherine adopted an adorable line of artisan products called Trugs.


You may have tasted their delicious salsa that we feature in our Vancouver gift baskets or you may have met the folks of Trugs at the Whistler Farmer’s Market. Catherine has also been nominated for an award from the BC Food Processors Association and featured in Business in Vancouver.


We fell in love with Trugs salsa, because it is fresh and full of delicious tomato chunks. The ingredients are pure and simple (tomatoes, onions, vinegar and spices). It does not contain tomato paste or additives that you find in most commercial salsas.


Trugs bc artisan

The Trugs line of handmade products also include preserves, salad dressings, condiments and syrups. The salad dressing is a great addition to a dinner party. These vinaigrettes have a look and quality that is reminiscent of a high end bottle of wine. You can also use the salad dressings as an incredible marinade. We recommend marinating fresh BC seafood in the Limoncello Herb Vinaigrette.


We hope that this artisanal chapter will continue for many generations. It is local entrepreneurs like Catherine that inspire innovation in our local economy and keep BC fresh and delicious.

Mother’s Day gift ideas – Vancouver top picks

29 Apr

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As an adult, it can be hard to think of Mother’s Day gift ideas that capture the adorable heartfelt quality of handmade childhood creations.

mother's day gift ideas vancouver

While many of us adore handmade crafts and long for heartfelt gift experiences, it can be difficult to find the time, energy and resources to make things ourselves. Fortunately, Vancouver has an incredible supply of local artisans.

 Mom’s don’t need more stuff 

This year, let’s appreciate moms with memorable and meaningful Mother’s Day gifts that are both lovingly and locally made. Skip the over-packaged and predictable gifts that will likely become clutter and/or landfill. Connect with the artisan behind the gift and fall in love with their story.

mothers day gifts vancouver

In addition to eliciting a genuine appreciation from mom, locally handmade gifts provide an opportunity to support the folks who are generating more meaningful local shopping options. This year, our top recommendations for memorable Mother’s Day gifts in Vancouver are Got Craft? and Olla Urban Flowers.

Got Craft?

Got Craft? showcases 75 local vendors with a wide variety of curated handmade goods. There are endless Mother’s Day gift ideas all under one roof! As Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair, Got Craft?, returns this spring for its 15th show from May 10-11, 2014 between 10am-5pm at the Maritime Labour Centre, located at 1880 Triumph Street in Vancouver, BC. Admission is $3 at the door, and children (10 and under) get in free.

 got craft? vancouver

Some of the vendors at Got Craft? can also be found in our Vancouver gift baskets at the Saul Good Gift Co. We are grateful to be a part of the local handmade movement that is making our city more interesting and distinct!

mother's day gifts vancouver

The organizers of Got Craft? are appreciating the benefits of settling into a great home here in East Vancouver. “We’re super excited to be doing the show in one of our favourite Vancouver neighbourhoods,” says Andrea Tong-Tucker, one half of the husband-wife production team. “The East Village is the perfect place for Got Craft?’s long term home.” 

Olla Urban Flower Project

In addition to being an incredibly unique flower shop, the folks at Olla are creating more than stunning beauty.  The Olla Urban Flower Project is run by Megan Branson. This local social enterprise is designed to generate jobs and prosperity in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. They also repurpose bouquets from corporate events and redirect them towards non-profit organizations in the DTES.

mother's day gifts vancouver

If you have any other creative Mother’s Day gift ideas, please comment below or on our facebook page. Do you have any memorable Mother’s Day gift stories? We love hearing from you! 



The Evolution of Valentine’s Chocolate Gifts

03 Feb

Vancouver Valentine's Day chocolate gift by Saul Good Gift Co.

Thousands of years of chocolate gifts

The connection between love and chocolate is timeless. From Aztec emperors and Mayans in 1500 BC to Madame Pompadour and Louis XV in the 1700’s. The joy of chocolate gifts have been explored through mythology and science for ages. The original latin name for the cacao tree is Theobroma Cacao and means ‘Food of the Gods’. This name was chosen in the 18th century, around the same time that Valentine’s Day became popularized in Europe.

Theobroma Cacao Flowers
Theobroma Cacao Flowers – Image by Annmarie Kostyk

In recent history, chocolate has been mastered by chocolatiers and examined by scientists. The combination of art, science, and chocolate has resulted in delicious discoveries.


Chocolate gifts increase health and happiness

When scientists have explored the good feelings offered by chocolate, they discovered that there are increases in dopamine, serotonin and phenylethylamine. These brain chemicals all contribute to our sense of well being, connection and love. There are also flavonoids and antioxidants found in cocoa, that have been associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and reduced risk of cancer. According to the 2003 edition of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, “A cup of cocoa (using pure cocoa powder) has double the amount of antioxidants as green tea.”

Vancouver Valentine's Day chocolate gift by Saul Good Gift Co.

Local handmade chocolate gifts are heartfelt

For the past eight years, we have enjoyed featuring an abundance of brilliant BC artisans and chocolatiers in our Vancouver gift baskets. This year, we are delighted to offer our first edition of the our Valentine’s chocolate gift basket featuring masterful creations by BC’s Cocolico, Beta 5, and Denman Island Chocolate. In addition to having high standards for deliciousness and creative Valentine’s Day gift ideas, these fine folks use excellent high end chocolate for all of their products.


You can be sure that your gift recipient will enjoy the the indulgence, the health benefits, the handmade goodness, and the timeless gesture of affection.


welcome to our new site

Saul Good welcomes you to our new website

07 Nov

gift baskets vancouver

It is my pleasure to officially welcome you to our new website. It means a lot that you are here to celebrate this important new chapter in the Saul Good story! 

Whether you bought 1 gift or 1000 gifts, you are part of this story!

This new website is designed to make it easier for you to find the gift that you are looking for. It is also designed to make it easier to connect with the delightful local stories that are connected to each gift. Our new online experience reflects our expansion through collaboration with social enterprise and local artisans.

One of our most important collaborations is with Starworks – a local Vancouver social enterprise employing adults with developmental disabilities. With over 10 years of experience in the packaging and logistics business, Starworks is the perfect fit for our business and community goals.

starworks social enterprise

They assemble our gifts, fulfill your orders and deliver excellence to each and every gift recipient. It has been incredible working with them over the years and we look forward to expanding our capacity to create more work opportunities for these fine folks! We are also excited to continue building our relationships with Tradeworks, East Van Roasters, and BC Woodworks.


In addition to teaming up with Starworks, we continue to be amazed by what our artisans are capable of. It is incredible to see them grow in their own unique ways. Year after year, we are pleasantly surprised by the masterful creations that emerge. We are excited for you to try our artisans’ fresh and creative new holiday creations!

artisan gifts vancouver

As momentum builds, we are proud that our gifts can function as an incubator for local artisans and we are also grateful that local artisans fill our gifts with unique, handmade and heartfelt goodness. They are the key ingredients to the story of our Vancouver gift baskets.

 Thank you for joining us on our mission to radiate happiness – one gift at a time!  


How a gift basket ignited this Vancouver artisan

05 Oct

Last Christmas, one of our Vancouver gift baskets was sent to Sara Karby. It started out like any other gift experience…but suddenly, something sparked as Sara began to open her gift and dig into the delectable delights within. This unexpected spark reminded her that she had wanted to feature her confections in Saul Good’s Vancouver gift basketsAs Sara indulged her senses in ginger chocolate cookies and caramel pretzels, she felt inspired to pursue her dream to launch “Batch Sweet Kitchen”, her line of local small-batch artisan confections.

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Social Enterprise + Chocolate Factory = East Van Roasters

26 Jun

An unassuming sandwich board peaks out past the edge of Vancouver’s Pigeon Park. At a glance, it appears to be an ordinary coffee shop. However, East Van Roasters is one of the most groundbreaking businesses to hit the streets of Vancouver BC.

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2013 Top 5 Local Gift Ideas for Guys

11 Jun

Last year, we brought you “2012 Top 5 Local Gift Ideas for Guys” and we decided to follow up with some fresh picks just in time for your last minute local father’s day shopping.

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