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Take a Day Trip to a Heritage BC Farm

28 Jul


In BC, we are spoiled by beautifully diverse landscapes and nearly 20,000 farms. When we went exploring in Ladner BC, we ended up at the Westham Island Herb Farm. The experience was full of authentic hospitality. The boisterous farmers greeted us as they stood in the shade shucking garlic.


Sharron Ellis has proudly maintained her lineage and heritage by continuing the farming practices that her family began in the early 1900’s. There have been five generations of farmers in the Ellis famly. This history is visible throughout the farm’s various antique farming artifacts and the delicious food.



This adorable farm is a great example of local, family-run goodness. In the “General Store” (above), there is an abundance of fresh local produce, handmade aprons, and honey!


The experience of visiting this farm is like stepping back in time. It is a delightful family day-trip that is worth the drive (less than one hour from Vancouver). If you don’t make it out this summer, the Westham Island Farm also has an excellent pumpkin patch in the Fall. The harvest-time festivities are a fantastic family adventure. Visiting local farmers is a fun way to support our local economy and a great way to connect to BC’s cultural heritage.

The Westham Island Herb Farm is open to the public 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily (from May 1 – October 31). It is located at 4690 Kirkland Road in Ladner BC. For more information, you can phone: (604) 946-4393 or e-mail: farmer@westhamislandherb.ca 


Local + Small is Beautiful: The Amazing Missing Goat Farm

21 Aug



Missing Goat Organic Jam & Blueberry Farm is local organic goodness at it’s best. That’s why we are proud to feature this jam in our Vancouver gift baskets. Although Heather and her family have customers and retailers begging them to grow, these humble folks are keeping their homemade creations small and handmade.  






We were grateful to have the opportunity to vist the Missing Goat Organic Farm in person. In addition to receiving the gift of some legendary organic blueberries, we we got some fresh organic garlic and met some of Missing Goat’s leading characters: Heather and Lily (mom and daughter) Oliver (the dog), Lola (the chicken) and the Missing Goat…who is apparently still missing.










Heather told us about how she is maintaining the reality of a family-run homemade business and sustaining a healthy work/life balance. “At one point, our jam was carried in sixty stores throughout B.C. I didn’t like the feeling of losing connection with the people selling my jam. It was never my intention to create a jam empire. I got into this because I love organic farming and making homemade jam,” explained Heather. “That’s why we scaled back to twelve retailers. I like making deliveries in person and staying connected.”





This historic sixty-year-old farm entered it’s Missing Goat incarnation thirteen years ago. The blueberry field is nestled within bushes of lavendar, hydrangeas, and weeping willow trees. It all seems like a dream manifested into reality…which isn’t too far from the truth. Heather spent her early twenties watching Eliot Coleman and Martha Stewart. She dreamt of organic farming and finding her own style of homemade artisan creations. Her hard work, succinct vision and clean style have allowed this idyllic dream to become a successful reality. Stay tuned for Heather’s upcoming book!





We previously featured the Missing Goat Blueberry Jam in “What Does Mr. Good Eat for Breakfast?”, because we believe that it is an important part of a well-balanced local organic breakfast…and it is something that we honestly eat on a regular basis. Our tireless search for the best local products throughout B.C. allows us to guarantee that we have found the absolute best of the best that exists in B.C.




Missing Goat jam is a small batch artisan masterpiece!